Jun. 12th, 2012

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Since I seem to be making a bunch of rec posts on my journal for Avengers fics, I decided that I should put them all in one place. So, here's a rec list for people to look at if they are getting into the fandom or just want to see what there is out there that they may have missed as well as give me the chance to showcase the fics in fandom that I love. These recs are likely to have a mixture of canon and can be either movie!verse or from comic canon. If you don't know anything about the comic canon, I suggest having a quick look here (which is currently illustrated with pics of Cap's ass everywhere :P) as it will give you some basics that will help when reading fics set in one of those universes.

Most of the fics I post here are likely to be Steve/Tony (superhusbands) Clint/Phil (shieldhusbands) stories, since that's what I tend to read the most. However, if I come across a fic that I like that isn't that pairing it'll certainly end up here as well. I will be updating this as I read more in fandom, and anything that I add after this stage will be dated so that people can tell what's new to the list.

Everything is listed alphabetically by author and not by preference, as there is no way I could manage to put these in order.  However, things that I really do love will have stars by it.

If anyone notices that I've linked something wrong, please let me know. There's a lot in here, and I could have made a mistake.

(Updated 22/06/12)
(Updated 14/07/12)
(Updated 27/08/12)

Superhusbands (aka Tony/Steve) )

Shieldhusbands (aka Phil/Clint) )

Gen )
This is by no means a complete list of fics out there that I like. I've probably forgotten something down the line (if anyone sees anything obvious they think I've missed off, just let me know) and if anyone wants to rec me a fic, please feel free to comment and I'll read it :)

I hope that someone out there finds this useful.


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